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Annual Draw Down

Draw-down as a Lake  Management Tool

Due to the concern of releasing Zebra Mussels into the Amawalk Reservoir, the lake draw down will commence once the water temperature reaches 12°C (53.6°F).   We are assuming this may be Mid November before we can consider opening the sluice way dam.  
 The sluice gate is closed in mid-February and the lake returned to its normal level by mid May. In general, the amount of precipitation an area will receive each year can be quite predictable; however, there are always exceptions to the general rule. The Lake Advisory Board monitors the prevalent weather patterns and the affect it has on the lake level.  The plan at this time is to repeat the draw down schedule activity in a similar manner this coming fall. The benefits of a draw down are many. such as the reduction of ice damage to lake shore structure such as seawalls, docks and boat houses.